What am I currently writing?


Now that I have finally changed the blog’s focus to something I can enjoy writing about again, there is a purpose in why I am doing this.


I want to document the process of my stories and travels to a wider audience that wants to read stories from an upcoming writer. So what am I currently writing?


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Video Game Cafes: Artina



Back in September, Me and Lydia went to the Square Enix cafe and store, Artina in Hibigashi-Shinjuku which highlighted more for Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy (mainly VII), Bravely Default fans and more.
East Side Square 1F 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒 160-0022
TEL    03-6457-6714
Opening Hours    11:00 to 22:00
Closed     Thursdays
Nearest    Fukutoshin Tokyo Metro Station A3 exit directly connected “Higashi” Oedo Line
6 minutes Fukutoshin-Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, walk from Exit station E1 “Shinjukusanchome” Toei Shinjuku Line
These two stations are actually connected like many train/subway stations.  Look for the signs to exit to Shinjuku Eastside.

This is honestly a must for fans of VII and I would recommend going but who knows if the cafe and store has changed its products. The main parts are the cafe and the store.
What me and my friend loved the most about the cafe was the attention to detail with food. They have menus in English and Japanese however upon checking the menu, it seems like it keeps changing. We ordered a Meteor Pancake and Pizza alla Shinra with the drinks Nibelheim Nightmare and Lifestream.

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Dear readers,



Dear readers,

Or anyone who continues to check this blog still.

The nyny brand is expanding but it is also dropping its main writing theme. It’s been a good 7 years writing about pop culture but I need to move on and write other things related to what I enjoy more.
So all of the old posts have been moved to the WordPress blog of the same name but I will not be writing on there anymore. In fact, I want to write more about travel, video games and my own stories that I am aiming to publish one day. I will finally be able to work on the Japan and Korea vlog that I’ve been wanting to work on.
And I am also starting a second blog on translations and I’m currently focusing upon doing video game news as the main topic. (ENG-JPN, JPN-ENG). Any news or interesting articles will be translated there.



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