Ramen Recommendations!


Although ramen places are everywhere in Japan, I’ve checked out a few that are different from Ichiran Ramen, a famous Hakata brand. Although it is delicious to foreigners, my friend told me it’s not the same for the Japanese so I started to check out a few different places to recommend people visiting and living in Japan and who wants to find other ramen chains to eat at.

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Tokyo Burger Joints To Try!


Living here and among finding other cheap food places (link , I wanted to introduce you to other burger joints in Japan that aren’t McDonalds, Wendy’s or KFC that are the usual choices. For once, I can introduce you to the Japanese burger joints, both fast food and independent. Maybe another time I’ll introduce ramen places to go eat at as well. You can find all these pictures on my food photography page.

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Real pizza in your life!


Upon going to Fukuoka two years ago, I was put off eating pizza in Japan (mostly because of the garlic filled pizza in Canal City). In Tokyo though, there seems to be some hope. I’ve managed to go to some places with either Japanese style Italian or American style pizza that I could recommend you might want to go to. Although there is probably so much more you should know about, hopefully this list will be a starting point.

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Finest CoCo Ichibanya Combos


CoCo壱番屋 is one of the places I always tell people to go eat at. Although it’s like fast food in Japan, CoCo’s curry has a better taste than most curry places I’ve been to. I’ve tried combining toppings to see what tastes best with what will taste nice. Unfortunately tandoori chicken will only be available until end of May as the menu changes every three months with the seasons. I’ll try and recommend you something from the summer menu when it comes out. The ones with * are what CoCo recommends for first timers not sure what to get. All pictures are on my food photography page.

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