Along with the previous range of brands, there is a few more I wanted to add since leaving Japan. Along with some high street brands, there are vintage shops that might be of interest to others in Tokyo.

High Street Brands:


Barak is one of my favourites on the same floor as Baby Shoop. Their style is really edgy but still can be worn casual or smart. I really liked going to this store and seeing what new products they had. A lot of the tops is long for petite people but the shop assistants recommend it is fine. Jackets are mainly bomber jackets but look really good.


Rasvoa is a part of the same company as Barak but would appeal to people who really only prefer wearing black and white. A lot of the style is more baggy tops and odd patterend bottoms. Most items are pretty light in the material and very long like Barak.


There are many CoCoPress stores that are mainly near the barriers of the Metro. The ones I frequently went to were in Oji and Tameike Sanno. The store mostly has good accessories and most of the time, they go on sale for under ¥500 and under.


Vintage Shops:

These were a range of vintage shops that I researched for an article but it would be a waste to not introduce them to people who are interested in other shops around Tokyo to go to.




*all three are in Harajuku





The Sun Goes Down


*both stores are in Shibuya

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