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Japanese fashion has always been so interesting and creative to me. I have always loved that regardless of how simple or colourful the clothes are, the shop assistants always manage to make the mannequins look appealing for you to want to buy everything on it. And now that I am here longer, I can introduce a range of female fashion brands that people can buy from.

There’s a few things you have to be aware of so please see the note below for more information on buying clothes in Japan.

Cecil McBee:


It is probably the most known brand that many girls love around Japan. Cecil McBee has a mature style about itself and during seasonal changes, there are usually sets (shirt + cardigan, sweater + skirt etc.) that you can buy during sale seasons and there is a nice range to choose from. A lot of the clothes are a mixture of cuteness and adult-girlie.



Ingni is another good one that I would recommend. While it does seem to provide a lot of neutral colours, Ingni has a range of items that would suit a person looking for a mature style. I think while Moussy is similar to SLY, Ingni is similar to Cecil McBee. However, Ingni is known for having a reputation of it’s high quality accessories, footwear and dresses. In the autumn, they have a lot of long light material jackets that are great to buy.




Moussy has a chic style but the brand focuses upon a more casual everyday look for its customers to co-ordinate with their own style. Everyone always talks about how good their jeans are and the quality so it might be worth checking this brand out if you like. There are a lot of slim sized items so you might want to try on before buying.


Sly is another mature fashion brand popular for its street and gal style.. Sly has a similar style to Moussy in my opinion except their recent autumn/winter collection has consisted of promoting their best selling items; coats and bottoms.

Baby Shoop:


The reason why I like Baby Shoop is because it’s a style that I’ve been looking for while coming to Japan. I needed a store that had big earrings, light material sweatshirts and . The brand does have criticism towards it as sometimes it can be seen as “try-hard Hip Hop” or cultural appropriation but in my opinion, I think they generally have an appreciation to Hip Hop fashion. I would also like to meet the CEO of this brand to understand their purpose of making this company. The only thing is I have only seen two stores in my time in Japan: Shibuya 109, Tokyo and Tenjin, Fukuoka.



Punyus was actually a store I only discovered recently while in Shinjuku Lumine Est. It has already become one of my favourite brands alongside Baby Shoop and Cecil McBee. Even though some of the designs are a bit colourful and cartoonish, Punyus has fast become one of my favourite stores. Their oversized sweatshirts are enough to wear with tights or leggings. A lot of their jewellery is food such as chips dipped in ketchup or strawberries dipped in chocolate which is really creative from most of the other brands you’ll see in the list.



This sweatshirt is one of the items that attracted me to Punyus brands. There is a variety on the blog and the site. Lately, there are newer designs of this sweatshirt that you can purchase.

There are other shops that I would recommend as well for you to take a look at. These brands are more options in case you want to explore more fashion styles that I also like in Japan.

Rodeo Crowns:


Rodeo Crowns is a bit more of a casual styling. 11 years in the game and although their prices are not so cheap, their quality is quite good. Their style is more comfortable and casual with lots of pullovers, hoodies and long cardigans.

Luxe Rose:


Girly is written all over Luxe Rose. Luxe Rose embodies the colour of the brand but there is still a lot of neutral colours with a lot of white, beige, black and cream as well. They have cute culottes (skirts that look like shorts), fluffy sweaters and coats that you should check out.

titty & Co:


Despite the weird name, titty and co. has a range of girlie style of clothes which is what the brand is famous for. The stores are usually compact and everything looks like a little princess room. The brand has a lack of accessories to co-ordinate a person’s look so you’ll have to look at one of the other shops I’ve recommened instead for accessories.


Lowrys Farm:


Lowrys farm offers feminine everyday wear and casual day wear. But they also have a casual dress sense. The clothes are well placed and easy to view and know what you want to co-ordinate together with. The prices are reasonable and sale items are usually good to pick out.

Baby Shoop, Punyus and Cecil McBee would be the ones I’d recommend the most as the styles differ a lot. Prices do range from ¥3000 – ¥20000 depending on the item without tax.

Note: All shops are in Shinjuku and Shibuya (with the exception of Baby Shoop) but the branches do vary depending on the store you are looking for. I recommend to try on the clothes before buying as returning and exchanging is something new to Japanese stores still. Even I wouldn’t dare to return or exchange items, I’d rather try it on and not buy it than buy it without a thought.

Most stores have size F (Free meaning one size) and usually in stores like Cecil McBee and Luxe Rose has only M or L size. Punyus has its own size chart which includes sizes Free to 6L which confuses me.

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