With NaNoWriMo around the corner, some people might be looking for ideas for their story. Most of these ideas are summaries or ideas that were made around December 2005 – September 2007. They might be inspirational or used by others if they please.

June 2007

  • Diamond in the Rough – A love triangle story with the main character called Diamond.
  • Bite Me! – Fantasy/Horror. Cain, a vampire boy is assigned to kill Angel, an alien princess from Earth and they try to stop their races from creating a war that may end their worlds.
  • Behind These Letters – Brooke Skyes receives love letters and mail from a guy, Caleb Avery, she hates. She does not know it is him and falls for him through letters.
  • A Coffee Shop Novel – A waitress meets a guy who decides to write a novel on her life and the coffee shop she works in.

July 2007 

  • Running Lace – Aly and Yuki are run away brides and meet up at a café trying to sort out their life. But their lives take a turn from people and messages from the past. (Written Excerpt available).

Game Idea

  • Escorting two important people through a cave. Once out, they are chased by antagonists with one of the two main character being hit by the needles. The needles seem to turn people to be controlled by the antagonists. Second main character has to guide the two important people away before the needles get to them.



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