CoCo壱番屋 is one of the places I always tell people to go eat at. Although it’s like fast food in Japan, CoCo’s curry has a better taste than most curry places I’ve been to. I’ve tried combining toppings to see what tastes best with what will taste nice. Unfortunately tandoori chicken will only be available until end of May as the menu changes every three months with the seasons. I’ll try and recommend you something from the summer menu when it comes out. The ones with * are what CoCo recommends for first timers not sure what to get. All pictures are on my food photography page.



ロースカツチーズ / Pork cutlet with cheese (¥991):

A classic. If you’re not sure what to get and it’s your first time eating at CoCo, I recommend this with or without cheese (if you’re not a fan of cheese). 



エビカツパリパリチキン / Shrimp katsu and lightly crispy “Pari Pari” chicken (¥1206)

This was a nice combo. The texture of the shrimp katsu and Pari Pari is similar and I can’t get over why I haven’t had the shrimp katsu before.


ハンバーグチーズ / Hamburger with cheese (¥959)

I have seen many people do this instead of order the cheese in hamburger. It’s actually a better option for cheese lovers because the taste is better.


フライドチキンとタンドリーチキン野菜 / Fried chicken and tandoori chicken with vegetables (¥1188) 

A combo of tender pieces of chicken together. I never thought it would complement each other with curry and rice but it’s actually really tasty. From now on, you’ll see a variety of dishes combined with tandoori chicken.


とんかつタンドリーチキン / Tonkatsu and tandoori chicken (¥1187)

Although Tonkatsu might be enough for some people, add tandoori chicken to this and there’s a bit more flavour to it when you put the Houjun sauce (芳醇 / ほうじゅん ソース) on it.


エビカツと豚しゃぶ / Stewed shrimp and thin sliced pork (¥948) 

I had to think what to combine stewed shrimp. Shrimp katsu, squid and stewed chicken were all options. Thin sliced pork somehow compliments it better. 


フライドチキンとイカ / Fried chicken and squid (¥928)

This was something I wanted to try. Now the squid is less chewier than any squid I’ve ever had which is better. The fried chicken is a nice contrast from the squid. Note: the menu will say cuttlefish instead of squid.


メンチカツ、タンドリーチキンとチーズ野菜 / Mince cutlet, tandoori chicken and cheese with vegetables (¥1425)

My personal favourite. In my opinion the mince cutlet has the best taste out of all the cutlets and adding cheese and vegetables has always been something I do. Next time I’m going to add spinach to it (total: ¥1651).


チキンカツ、チキンにこみとタンドリーチキン / Chicken Katsu, stewed chicken and tandoori chicken (¥1252)

This is for all the chicken lovers especially because it’s my friend’s creation. You could also go crazy and add fried chicken and the tender chicken cutlet (ささみカツ) to make it your own supreme chicken zanmai.


クリムクロッケとヒレカツ / Cream croquette and Hirekatsu (¥1153)

I mostly did this to try the cream croquette and I chose hirekatsu. Mind though the cream croquette is creamier than normal croquettes because it has crab inside.

Other self made or CoCo recommendations that I would mention would be:

ビーフカツとハンバーグ / Beef Cutlet and Hamburger (¥1102): [Cheese in hamburger would also be a good option instead of hamburger for ¥1152].

メンチカツチーズ / Mince cutlet with cheese (¥959): Quite similar to having the pork cutlet with cheese except I always recommend this one cause the taste is better.

*フライドチキンと野菜 / Fried chicken with vegetables (¥948): Another recommendation of CoCo’s. Fried chicken in CoCo is cooked so nicely that the taste with vegetables works so well.

*ポーク三昧 / Pork Zanmai: Tonkatsu, hirekatsu and thin sliced pork (¥1441): A very interesting combo that I liked. The two pieces of katsu to be honest are pretty filling but I would rather trade hirekatsu for the mince cutlet (メンチカツ) instead.

For vegetarians: there is a vegetarian sauce that CoCo has for vegetarians. If you pick up the vegetarian menu and point to what you want . If not tell them  ベジソース or ベジカゲ (Veggie Sosu or Veggie Kage – Vegetarian Sauce) [topping 1+, rice and spice level]. If they bring it to you on a big white plate without the logo, that’s the right sauce.

One thought on “Finest CoCo Ichibanya Combos

  1. There are so many potential combinations of toppings. Not infinite, but you could go there and have a somewhat different meal every time.

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