The UK is in need of new chains that bring more food with flavour to places around the region. It doesn’t have to be London but there are other cities that could have one of these chains. A few of these places are recommended to eat together with people instead of alone because of the portions. 

From Japan


CoCo Ichibanya

Yes, more curry. But why not have the best curry chain in Japan come to the UK? The chain brings a variety of flavours and choices for vegetarians and pescetarian. You can have cream croquette with crab, scrambled egg or even natto in your curry! I wouldn’t recommend people with an allergy or who are vegan as they can’t take ingredients out of the stock (please don’t ask me why). If it does come to the UK, I hope the curry recipe stays the same as it is in Japan, then all would be ok. However after trying it in Korea (where despite finishing a level 10 spice level, it tasted like a level 6 from Japan), it is unlikely. And if it does come to the UK, I want the 芳醇 (tonkatsu sauce) and 福神漬け (pink pickles in soy sauce) to be brought here!


Hakata Ramen

There were many ramen places I tried but I really liked the taste of the ones here. The menu is very small but even still, the selection varies in my opinion. Like other ramen places, it serves tsukemen and spicy minced ramen (some of my favourite noodle dishes). What I like is that it’s not too salty like most ramen places however the employees of this place are Chinese, at least in the Oji place. There’s actually seasoning and a savoury taste to the ramen and it makes it more irresistible.


Misokatsu Yabaton

The time I went to Nagoya, I ate it twice and also went to Tokyo to have it once. The taste is something that I’ll never forget as I never expected a savoury but slight sweet sauce to mix well with tonkatsu. While misokatsu is becoming frequently known in London, many people still are not aware of this dish. The chain sells other dishes but this is the no. 1 best seller and they also sell the sauce for people to use to cook at home. The taste of misokatsu is something I think could become a favourite just like katsu curry but more for people who aren’t used to seasoned dishes.



Yayoiken is one of the many affordable food chains that many salary men tend to go to on their lunch break or after work before they get home. One of my favourite dishes to get was the misokatsu set which came with rice, potato, egg and vegetables but there is a variety of chicken, pork and fish sets as well to choose from. Yayoiken was also the only place where the sets allowed you to have unlimited rice. Coming to London, the limit of rice might be restricted however.

From South Korea


Coco Bruni

White chocolate banana smoothie, honey crush and earl grey cake… Coco Bruni presented an interesting mixture of cakes and drinks that I enjoyed a lot. It is a bonus treat that came as a surprise to me on my last days in Korea until me and my friends stumbled upon it. Though it is as pricey as Patisserie Valerie, the quality is so good. And in a country where people are always eating baked goods from other countries, why not add another? This was probably one of the most nicest cafes I had ever been to and I’d hope the chain expands to the UK one day.


James Chicago Pizza

Of course there are enough Italian and American pizza places in the UK but I’d really like to see how a Korean one would fare here. Mr Pizza and James Chicago Pizza would be interesting additions for the UK. In the case of James Chicago Pizza, it’s in the style of pizza originating from the state with pan. I don’t think there’s pizza places in the UK with a style of pizza like that but again, it would be a nice addition in the country.


Pizza School

Mr Pizza tends to fuse savoury and sometimes sweet flavours. There’s a lot of seafood that they put on some of their pizzas such as squid, octopus etc. Also with a lot of Korean brands, they’ll be a bulgogi or spicy flavour worth trying. Mr Pizza is ultimately the best takeaway pizza place I had while in Korea but hopefully the taste doesn’t change in order to acquire to UK standards.

Wicked Jjimdak

Originally I didn’t want to write about Wicked Jjimdak seeing as the only branch I could find even after two years is the one near the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae. But every time I have brought someone there, they have craved and wanted this dish again. Jjimdak  consists of chicken, japchae noodles, rice cake, cheese and tortilla chips. Some flavours of this  dish can range from egg, sweet potato, bulgogi, pepperoni and more. The original is still the best as the flavours mix well however all the other flavours are available for you to try with your friends. You can choose the portion between 2-4 people.



This place houses 닭갈비철판 볶음밥  (Marinated chicken garlic fried rice) and 치즈 ~ (Fresh cheese chicken galbi). You can add cheese which is a better taste to the marinated chicken rice and its really addictive. The price is actually really cheap and its a nice meal to share with friends imo. The first time I had it with friends was in Busan and I was glad to hear that it was a big chain across the country. I prefer the marinated chicken rice but I do think that there needs to be more selection or toppings to go with it. 

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