As if I wasn’t finished writing one post about matcha, there is more places I wanted to discover and find out about while going back to Japan and Korea. A lot of these places also had a range of matcha taste from actual green tea extract to artificial sweetener. Matcha is something of a special treat that I believe a lot of people who don’t have a sweet tooth could really enjoy the taste.

Gion Tsujiri


Tree soft matcha ice cream

I passed this place so much without a second thought in the Skytree. This little stall was on the 5th floor and had a selection of matcha treats and drinks. I simply got the Tree Soft Matcha Ice Cream which had a spoon in the shape of the Skytree. This one was particularly bitter than the usual matcha products I’ve had. It included ice cream, matcha jelly, mochi, matcha chocolate wafer and of course red bean.

 Home Cafe

16230969_286684878415756_3600045182394826752_nGudetama matcha sundae

Not a fan of the egg yolk but on a friend’s birthday, she wanted to go to a maid cafe and the least crowded at the time was this Gudetama themed cafe. The Gudetama Matcha Sundae was really good filled with flan, mochi, ice cream, white chocolate, cherry, whipped cream, wafer and red bean. But it is very sweet and will fill you up without even wanting a main dish.

Krispy Kreme

21296737_132583370694600_2237617406472093696_n그린티 오설록 링 (Green Tea O’Sulloc Ring Doughnut)

This doughnut was heavenly. Though it’s more artificial sweeter than usual products being from Krispy Kreme, it still worked out and was so addictive that one of my friends bought two after trying mine. The O’Sulloc logo part is also white chocolate which was a nice touch.




(White and Matcha Chiffon Cake)

This fluffy cake was something I kept eating while on my work breaks in Tokyo.The thing about Pronto is that I rarely went in there until I found out about this cake and the strawberry milk that went nicely along with it. I don’t really like chiffon cake but somehow a sprinkle of white chocolate and a sweet matcha cake worked nicely. It’s a shame the cake was only a Spring limited edition and was one slice at a time as it was so good.

O’Sulloc (오설록 티하우스)
블랙티롤객의 (Black Tea Roll Cake)

To talk about O’Sulloc collectively, it is worth going to if you love matcha however like the Krispy Kreme, the sweeter stuff is more artificial. It has a range of matcha stuff that is worth trying. The black roll cake seems like it’s more sesame seed but unfortunately, it is chocolate with ice cream in the centre, I don’t recall the ice cream tasting like matcha however but more of a mixture with vanilla. They could have made something more tasty with sesame seed ice cream in the center.

그린티롤캐익 (화이트) (Green Tea Roll Cake) (White)

If I had to choose between the white and black roll cake, it would have to be the white one. It just had a better and creamier taste and my expectations for it were lower than the black roll cake.

녹차컴 오프레도 (Green Tea O’Freddo)

The King O’Freddo is really sweet and also really nice at the same time. There’s small chunks of matcha cake, red bean, ice cream and a macadamia/white chocolate cookie. It’s very filling and there’s a lot of flavours that mix well in this freddo milkshake.

그린토르테 조각 (Cream Torte)

The torte was really good but after getting halfway, you might find yourself sick of it after a while. In comparison to the Freddo which had a mixture of things to eat, this one is just a matcha torte however it has to be one of the most artificial sweet desserts there ever. 

녹차 아포가토 (Green Tea Affogato)

 The Affrogato wasn’t to my liking but in the words of my friend: “It’s ice cream with a matcha shot. The ice cream was nasty because it’s made with cream cheese but the matcha was on point.” This could be a hit and miss for people who find it too creamy for this reason.

설빙수 (Sulbingsu)


그린티 초코 설빙수 (Green Tea Chocolate Sulbing)

Sulbing cafe had two stores in Hongdae when I was there this summer (I say “had” because Korea is continuously changing and it is likely one or both may disappear or change locations). They have a small variety of bingsu but my friends wanted to try the 그린티 초코 빙수 (Green tea chocolate bingsu). The ice cream would taste better if green tea in Korea wasn’t so sweetened as in Japan. It’s not the best to choose to be honest. The chocolate powder on top of the shaved ice didn’t add flavour. The chocolate chunks aren’t too bad . With Bingsu, it is better to try fruit flavoured bingsu. 

nana’s green tea

タコライスどんぶり (Taco Donburi Set) +

鶏そぼろどんぶり (Chicken Donburi Set) with Cold Matcha Latte

nana’s green tea is very popular with a few chain stores around Japan. It has a range of matcha products as well as food sets that come with green tea drinks. 

Me and my friend took the lunch sets of (it comes with miso, a green tea drink, condensed milk, mochi and red bean). I honestly think the Taco Rice was better than the Donburi that I ate. I decided to choose the Matcha latte which actually tasted like nothing and I wish the sets had more choice of drinks.

Satan’s Goodies

Homemade matcha chocolate

I have a friend whose very talented in making spontaneous matcha and baked treats. While living in Japan together without an oven, she used the facilities around us in the shared house. 

Homemade matcha and chocolate cake

A few of her homemade creations were matcha related but she is in the process of uploading more so there is more to come. Please check out and follow her on Instagram.


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