Looking after children in Japan


One of the three jobs I did in Japan was look after Japanese families children as a English speaking babysitter for Little Hug. With this role, the whole point is to speak completely in English to the child, teach them words and short sentences and raise them for the short time to know what’s right and what’s wrong. I quickly adapted to looking after each of the five regular children in addition to the three irregular children I had.
Most of the children I raised were primarily under four years old and some were born in America so they were exposed to listening and responding in English but very little.
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Ramen Recommendations!


Although ramen places are everywhere in Japan, I’ve checked out a few that are different from Ichiran Ramen, a famous Hakata brand. Although it is delicious to foreigners, my friend told me it’s not the same for the Japanese so I started to check out a few different places to recommend people visiting and living in Japan and who wants to find other ramen chains to eat at.

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Q&A: Working Holiday in Japan


Many people are scared to go on a working holiday and have no idea what is in store for them. Along with the language, there’s a few things need to think about before and after starting their working holiday in Japan. Experiencing living in Tokyo, there is a lot of things I wish I had prepared for when I came here. I regret a lot but I am also glad that I did the working holiday when I did and I do hope to come back to Japan and live here another time. Before I go to Korea soon, I would like to recommend this post mostly for people not wanting to do English teaching and did not come with a company. 

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Sharedhouses: Shiohama House (World Unite!)


From October until March, I stayed at the World Unite! sharehouse. I would like to tell you my view before you go there and decide to stay in World Unite! (Shiohama House, Oizumi Mansion in Kiba).

I hope I can do my part in getting people to know more about the companies especially World Unite! as the only information I was able to find before coming to Japan was speaking to the CEO, Chris Engler or from a previous person who stayed in the sharehouse, Dillan.

My detailed account is from October 2016 to March 2017 so even though things may have changed, I’m sure it’s still similar even until now. This is an extremely long post with pictures.

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