10 Essential Japanese Fashion Brands


Japanese fashion has always been so interesting and creative to me. I have always loved that regardless of how simple or colourful the clothes are, the shop assistants always manage to make the mannequins look appealing for you to want to buy everything on it. And now that I am here longer, I can introduce a range of female fashion brands that people can buy from.

There’s a few things you have to be aware of so please see the note¬†below for more information on buying clothes in Japan.

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What’s an Onsen experience like?



Later on from having KFC, we headed to Odaiba Onsen Monogatari. It’s famous for having¬†a fun fair section in the Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay. Onsen is a natural hot spring traditionally used as public bathing places in the past and today play a central role in Japanese domestic tourism.

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What kind of job can you get on a working holiday?

So far, my experience of a working holiday has been really different to being a tourist here. It feels like even though you are on a working holiday visa, you are really expected to travel more than work and have more money saved in order to do so. The difficulty of finding a job while here as opposed to coming here as an English teacher is completely different.

There are limitations of work if you are on the same level as me: JLPT N3 level looking for a job related to your degree/interest and not related to English teaching or jobs relating to part-time work. In any case I have not been able to find a translator job right away but rather a travel writing job with translation tasks every so often to improve my translations skills thankfully.

In this case, I am here to answer a few questions that people always ask me while I am currently in Tokyo.

I will explain to you what JLPT level will get you per job if you come here to work. Apart from English teacher which is something you can get regardless of whichever level you are. I will include a list of what jobs per level you can apply for.

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