Japanese people seems like…

Around 80% of Japanese people hold the poise of elegance, cleanliness and perfection whenever I see them. Some of the things that they do here makes me wonder if people in the U.K would try to do more if the culture was similar or if people had the mentality to have a more presentable appearance or personality. It seems like the more I watch the Japanese and the way they live, the more I learn about them.

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Themed Cafes: Heart of Hearts and Home Cafe


Maid Cafes in Japan are so awkward that I personally would only recommend going once for  the experience and never again, even if you like Kawaii culture I would say you’re better off exploring Akihabara for other reasons. Maids choose a nickname and you cannot ask them any personal questions e.g. country (if they are not Japanese), age etc. and they accessorise their uniforms with different animal ears and colourful jewellery. Now I’ve been to two; Hearts of Hearts in 2015 and the so called popular Home Cafe just this month for my friend’s birthday.

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10 Essential Japanese Fashion Brands


Japanese fashion has always been so interesting and creative to me. I have always loved that regardless of how simple or colourful the clothes are, the shop assistants always manage to make the mannequins look appealing for you to want to buy everything on it. And now that I am here longer, I can introduce a range of female fashion brands that people can buy from.

There’s a few things you have to be aware of so please see the note below for more information on buying clothes in Japan.

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