Tokyo Burger Joints To Try!


Living here and among finding other cheap food places (link , I wanted to introduce you to other burger joints in Japan that aren’t McDonalds, Wendy’s or KFC that are the usual choices. For once, I can introduce you to the Japanese burger joints, both fast food and independent. Maybe another time I’ll introduce ramen places to go eat at as well. You can find all these pictures on my food photography page.

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Things I won’t miss about Japan


It has been great living here and while there are things I’ll miss, there’s also things here I’ll be glad to get away from because it annoys me so much. It was great living in Tokyo and experiencing life here for the past nine months, I have learnt a lot while living here. But I think if I come back here, I would want to find a way to avoid these things that I hate if possible.

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Osaka Weekend


Okinawa, Nara, Osaka and Fukuoka were places I wanted to visit or revisit while staying in Japan. But upon certain circumstances, I could only travel to Osaka. The atmosphere of Kansai for my third visit was much better. Even though I was only there for the weekend, I got to see more of Osaka than I did back in 2015. 


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