Hong Kong: Necessities and Tips

My travels to Hong Kong were mainly to go with a good work friend. It is also a place that I have a lot of friends whose background or have family that come from Hong Kong.¬†Although this was my first time, there’s a lot of things that you should know about upon going to this island.

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Things Japan and Korea do better than the UK


A lot of things have happened in the UK that have led me and my friends to try and find ways to leave Flopland (or by its proper name, England). Most importantly, Brexit.
What I’ve always wanted the UK to learn some things from Japan and Korea to improve the country. But that’s not the case. Even so, if the UK was to ever take advice into little things like Japan and Korea, these are a few things I’d like to see change.

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Pueblo Viejo and Mijas


Just a bus ride away, me and my friend went to Benalmadena Pueblo Viejo and Mijas, they are two very lovely places that decipt traditional Spanish villages for you to walk and have a look around as seen in some of my pictures below.

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