Matcha Overload!


Matcha is the foundation of anyone’s food trip to Asia especially Japan. You are missing out if you have never tried it. Although green tea and matcha come from the same plant, matcha has a richer flavour than green tea which tends to be bitter. So if you’re not a fan of green tea like me, you will love this and even grow to love anko (or red bean paste ”餡”) that always accompanies the food.

There are a number of branches and places that offer matcha treats for you to try that I would recommend. Mainly Japan, but I will also share with you places in Hong Kong and Korea that you should visit too.

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Themed Cafes: Hello Kitty


This Hello Kitty cafe is reowned in Hongdae and because I never went there back in 2013, going this year was a must. To be honest, me and Lydia did not take pictures of the interior because while it was cool and really cute, we are not fans of Hello Kitty (if it was Cinamaroll, I would have!).

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Themed Cafes: Cheongchun Cat and Bau House



Animal cafes in Asia have quite an interesting presence in the sense that they are dedicated to that animal and you are able to go play with them while enjoying a beverage. Japan and Korea especially have quite a few but my first ones were both in Hongdae and not far from each other.

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