Elderly in Korea


Both times I have been to Korea, the elderly have been exceptionally nice to me but they have also demanded more respect (not towards me) from the youth especially from getting off seats on the train. The second time however I was more aware of how they acted. The elderly in Korea have more power in my opinion than say the UK. But not as aggressively as they are in Korea. They raise their voice for anyone younger than them to let them get past or to get on a train before anyone.

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Benalmadena, Fuenigorla, Malaga


Going Spain was an escape from the misery of London. Intentionally the purpose was to go on holiday and have “real” summer. Because if you’ve ever experienced real summer in the UK, it’s never summer. I hadn’t been to Spain in particular, Barcelona since I was a child so me and my friend decided to go to Benalmadena, Costa de Sol.

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Clubbing Experience

I think a lot of people who know me know that I love the nightlife of Korea. The clubbing experience side to be exact. The culture of drinking in the UK (or even the West) is usually stereotyped as drinking alone in a pub/bar or as many people usually do, pre drink at home before going out to a bar or club. The experience in Korea usually involves eating and drinking socially in a group especially with work colleagues or at university events.

The only downside is that most of the clubs only have two genres: EDM or Hip Hop. Even some of the hip hop clubs keep remixing songs with an EDM beat and it can be annoying. Girls, be careful because guys are likely to grab and dance with you especially if you’re non Asian foreign. In my opinion, it’s more often than what’s happened to me in London. I got that a lot if I was alone but with friends, maybe more than 4, you will not get approached especially if you’re a group of foreigner girls. It would be better to be in a group with boys too if anything.

I’m going to introduce you to a few of the clubs that I went to and which ones I would recommend. All the clubs I prefer usually play R&B and Hip Hop.

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