NaNoWriMo has been completed and it’s already the end of the year. Next year I will continue to finish the first drafts of Jaybird as well as Miragen which was a NaNo win in 2015. It was a long and gruelling month in November but I know the direction I want to take both stories especially Jaybird. The mood boards I created for both books are an idea of the novel aesthetic imagery of the setting and characters for potential future readers however it is not completely set in stone as things will change here. 


Mood boards

There are three kingdoms in the story represented by a different family and different cultures. Each kingdom has their own ; a temple in the East, a palace in the North and a castle in the West. Geographically, I wanted to add places related to our world that signified various areas and continents that we live in. The crystal ball symbolises magic as the book’s genre is fantasy/adventure. Originally as an inspired Final Fantasy story, magic is a norm. One of the characters, Milon that I am writing about uses a crystal ball as a weapon among the main characters. They are not the actual characters but the main two characters of the book are a Black girl and an Asian guy. Everess Noha (the girl) and Noji Kaion (the boy whose name I am still unsure about) are each other’s love interests and are a part of the East and West kingdoms. Everess and Noji have their own separate reasons for joining together and travelling around the world of Miragen which will slowly unfold and change as they explore and meet new people. The last picture is a purple lake. The lake ultimately called Murasaki Kawa (the Japanese translation of purple lake) is only one location of the world that I plan to write deeply about, it has no real importance at the moment but I wanted to show that there are various areas in Miragen that will be very distinct and odd especially an anti-gravity stairway church for the dead or a crystallised island.


The bloody hand resembles so much things. A lot of blood and death happen in this book, people die left and right without a hope of survival or help. The main character, Nerriah must also decide and act upon whether it is right to unleash pain and kill in order to survive in this depressed world. There is also undead around Arhen called Outcasts, people who cannot comprehend and once they enter this world. Misty cliffs are all around the world and it is like a trigger to most of the people trapped in Arhen. Do you not want to live and survive? Do you want to give up trying in this world? Then fall into the Forgotten Graves or the water below to erase your existence from everyone’s memories. It is almost like a quick way for suicide for people who are suffering there. Only one tower is at the centre of this world. But to be honest, it is not a tower but a black spire called the Onyx Spire temporarily that holds the fears and phobias of the main antagonist as well as people who have died or been killed in there. Such fears and phobias that have been listed are ghosts, holes, crabs etc. To get into the tower, it is also in reverse where you go from the top to the bottom compared to most levels of towers, castles etc. The hooded girl represents two characters; Norchess Ywain and Nerriah. Norchess Ywain is kind of regarded as a hero that has been heard of but never seen in a very long time. Throughout the story, Nerriah mainly learns about Norchess through people and the books she finds around the few civilised places. Nerriah starts wearing a hood once she takes the reign of being the next kind of “saviour” to get everyone out of this depressed world.


Both synopsis are still under development especially Miragen as well since I need to go back to both stories and finish the first drafts but it will give an idea of what the stories will be like in the near future.


In a world divided by three lands – Noir, Weiss and Essbon, Miragen has seen an unrest tension from the three kingdoms. Everess Noha decides to take matters into her own hands…and a chance to find her birth mother but she needs support. Noji Kaion and his twin brother want to explore the world they have been closed off to. Along the way, they meet many other companions and realise the world needs to be saved by a greater power pulling the strings on the kingdoms.


The only memory Nerriah had upon waking up into this clouded world was being in a dark room. Now before her is a world clouded in misery and grey where everyone must survive. Accompanied by her classmate Jay, they travel around this dreary world to search for a way out and the existence of the world.

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  1. These sound amazing! Love that they’re completely different genres but the plots sound really strong and interesting.

    Can’t wait to read them~

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