The following day after going to Artina, I went to the pop up Pokemon cafe that was open for a limited time. Now this pop up cafe was located on the ground floor of the Sunshine City mall in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and I had wanted to come here since me and Lydia had found it one day.

This cafe only offered food but it was adorable to say the least. Decorated with plushies on each table and the walls along with wallpaper of newer generation Pokemon, it gave a nice atmosphere.




Because it’s Nintendo and I hadn’t eaten all day, I chose a starter (Pokeball Pizza), drink (Pikachu no Pika Pika Orange Soda), main (Pikachu Kids Plate) and a dessert (Pikachu Parfait). Of course being in Japan, everything was designed to perfection. My favourite was the parfait as it had cornflakes and mango hidden at the bottom.




The most disappointing was the pizza as it tasted like a simple cheese and tomato pizza you would get from a supermarket. After eating two pizzas from Fukuoka, I am sure that I will never get a pizza in Japan unless it’s made by an Italian that knows the first rule is to add tomato base to a pizza.



Roughly I think I spent £20 or £40 on everything but it was well worth it. If there is ever another pop up cafe, I will make sure I go to it again.

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