Living here and among finding other cheap food places (link , I wanted to introduce you to other burger joints in Japan that aren’t McDonalds, Wendy’s or KFC that are the usual choices. For once, I can introduce you to the Japanese burger joints, both fast food and independent. Maybe another time I’ll introduce ramen places to go eat at as well. You can find all these pictures on my food photography page.


ヤンニュンバーガー (¥750):

This is a branch I had seen as much as Mos Burger and thought I’d go to in Yoyogi. It is probably the cheapest you can find but the food does not deliver. While they did have a great idea with 양념치킨 (ヤンニュン = ”Korean chili seasoned chicken”), the meat was the only good thing as upon opening the burger, it all fell apart. The set cost ¥750 with medium fries and a drink. The other burgers might be slightly better but this has made me disappointed in the chain altogether.

First Kitchen, Yoyogi


リブサンド ポーク (¥780):

I always thought Lotteria was connected to the Korean empire chain Lotte but apparently it has always been a Japanese fast food chain. It’s the very last one that I tried but I think it’s better than First Kitchen. I took the rib sandwich for ¥780 with a matcha drink and fries. With your fries, you can select a sauce to shake with your fries to give it a different taste (like with the McDonalds Shaky Chicken). I chose sour cream but quickly discarded. The rib sandwich was quite nice to eat and I’d try it again another time.

Lotteria, Shinjuku 


スパイシーダブルモスバーガー (¥520):

This branch was another popular place I have past multiple times. Getting a Spicy double Mos burger with French fries and melon soda in a set, it came to ¥520 which is quite cheaper than most of the places I’ve been on the list. The meat was flat like a McDonald’s burger and in terms of taste quality, it’s like Burger King. 

Mos Burger, Shibuya


ホットクリスピーチキンバーガー (¥1023):

Freshness Burger is the better option among the Japanese burger joints. The only downside when you select is that you must pay for everything separately if you want chips, drink and burger. Mine was ¥1023 for a Hot chicken crisp burger, French fries and hot chocolate so roughly meals can be around ¥900 to ¥1100 with a drink. Before 11 and between 11 – 3 there are sides and drinks set and then burger and drink sets to select from to save money. The burgers look big but they aren’t too bad to eat. Vegetarian options are available such as the Soy Burger.

Freshness burger, Azabujuuban 


ベーコンバーガー (¥1200):

Although it’s originally a Hawaiian brand, it’s around Tokyo and very popular. KUA’AINA burgers fill you up really good because the meat in the burger is real and not the fake stuff you’ll get from McDonalds or Burger King. It what’s a burger should be. A price for a Bacon Burger set is around ¥1200 and you get French fries (the skinniest I have ever seen), onion rings and a drink of your choice. 

KUA’AINA, Odaiba 


チリバーガー (¥900):

Schmatz is located in Commune 246, Omotesando. The Chili Burger is quite a tasty burger. It’s a German style burger place and while it has a taste of European burgers, portion wise it’s ok. The reason why is because there’s nothing special about it and the spice is not so bad. The price for a burger by itself was around ¥900.

Schmatz (Commune 246), Omotesando


ベースチリチーズバーガー (¥1680):

Located right near the railway tracks near the station, this joint was a place I had always passed but never been to. For crisscross fries and a base chili cheese burger, it was ¥1680. I thought it was the lunch set but I guess with this price I was not told. It is not very clear what is what through prices to be honest. Crisscross fries are ok but very little but I can see why. The lack of fries is because you’re getting a freshly cooked piece of beef in your burger. 

Burger Base, Yoyogi



KHB isn’t necessarily a burger joint but they do have a nice selection  of burgers. It’s a small cafe hidden in the back of Kita-senju’s streets but it’s burgers are about ¥1100. I tried the Salsa Cheese Burger and it was quite good. The meal came with fries, pickles and a soup of the day. I don’t know what happened to the bun of the burger but it became soggy and I hate soggy burgers. The taste was still good but now I don’t recommend people getting the same burger because it might come out in that condition.

KHB, Kita Senju


ヒッコリー・スモークバーガー (¥1380):

Journals Standard is a women and men’s clothes shop with it’s own burger bar. There’s so much space to choose from and a selection of burgers, shakes (the first ones that I’ve seen that look delicious) and even desserts. I chose the Hickory Smoke burger for ¥1380 and it came with fries. While the fries weren’t worth it, the burger is great in my opinion. The burger is made of well cooked bacon, burger, cheese, onion, purple lettuce and tomato. What surprised me was the seasoning on the burger which gave it a spicy flavouring to it which I liked.

Journals Standard, Shinjuku

In terms of taste, Freshness Burger and KUA’AINA is clearly much better in comparison of the fast food branches. Freshness Burger lives up to it’s name among the Japanese fast food branches. Journals Standard would be close but the meat in KUA’AINA’s burgers and the fries accompanying it is clearly a winner.

Mos, Freshness, KUA’AINA and First Kitchen bring the burgers to your table if you eat in and they are busy. KUA’AINA and Freshness Burger take a little longer but that’s because the food is actually worth the wait and really delicious. In terms of recommendations: KUA’AINA (¥1200) > Burgers Base (¥1680) > Freshness Burger (¥1030) > KHB (¥) > Schmatz (¥800) > Lotteria (¥780) Mos Burger (¥) > First Kitchen (¥750)


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