Now that I have finally changed the blog’s focus to something I can enjoy writing about again, there is a purpose in why I am doing this. I want to document the process of my stories and travels to a wider audience that wants to read stories from an upcoming writer. So what am I currently writing?

I’m currently writing two books and a bunch for leisure.

The first book is heavily inspired by Final Fantasy and the Persona series as the series has greatly influenced many other game titles. It is similar to how both game series have a party travelling together for multiple purposes. I did the NaNoWriMo challenge and succeeded but the story is only 1/3 done. For now the title is Miragen which I originally wanted to call the world however I’m undecided at the moment.

The second book I am is inspired by The Walking Dead game and Dark Souls. Survival/Adventure is the main theme of this book set in a world created in the mind of a madman in a somewhat apocalyptic wasteland. Unlike Miragen, I haven’t started but I am planning to challenge myself to do my own writing challenge for the next three months (June to August) and see how much I can write. At the moment, the title for this book is unconfirmed but Jaybird is an option.

The one thing I am trying to focus on while writing these books is POC female protagonists as they are primarily non-existent and usually get portrayed differently mainly from the media and sometimes the reader’s perspectives. Both of my stories have black main characters but some of the other secondary characters are POC.

For leisure, you can find some of my other stories here and here to check out my writing style until I’ve completed at least one of these books. I’ll update my journey in writing with posts in the near future. I wonder if anyone else is currently writing any new stories at all that they would like to share.

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